QAQC-MIS Ver 1.0 (Beta Release)

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Project Appreciation

West Bengal Accelerated Development of Minor Irrigation Project (WBADMIP), a World Bank Supported Project is being implemented by Water Resources Investigation and Development Department, Government of West Bengal. The project has started from March 2012 and is scheduled to end in December 2017. The Project aims to bring sustainable development and management of surface and ground water resources to increase agricultural productivity and rural employment generation by developing different Minor Irrigation structures with command areas of 5 hectares and above. The project also aims to enhance agriculture based income of small and marginal farmers through sustainable use of irrigation resources. The project is being implemented in single cropping area of 18 districts of West Bengal with the priority to tribal and backward villages. The endeavour is to improve availability of water for agriculture and fisheries by developing new minor surface and ground water irrigation schemes on areas that are currently cultivated under rain fed condition. The project has environmental screening process including criterion to ensure that no direct or indirect impact occurs on any forest or any natural habitat, protected or not and also on any physical cultural resources.

Present QAQC Assignment

Under the ambit of the present assignment, there will be about 959 surface water minor irrigation schemes covering about 30000 ha which is likely be completed within December 2017. The project areas are basically located in the 5 southern districts of West Bengal, namely, Purulia, Bankura, Birbhum, Paschim Midnapore and Bardhhaman. The other focused district is South 24 Parganas where the number of surface water schemes will be comparatively less. Different types of schemes coming under the QAQC purview are as below:

  • Lift Irrigation Structures
  • Water Detention Structures (Check Dam)
  • Surface Flow Minor Irrigation Schemes
  • Water Detention Structures (WHT, Re-excavation)

The schemes will have civil, mechanical and electrical engineering components quality of construction of which are to be duly ensured through the present assignment. Solar energy could be considered to be a very important source of energization in the remote areas where the schemes are located.

Objective of QAQC Assignment

The objective of the assignment covers the following:

  1. To ensure the timely and high quality of works along with workmanship in conformance to technical specifications, contract documents, designs/ drawings and other relevant Indian Standards.
  2. To ensure sound construction and installation procedures including deployment of Engineering Instruments to expedite quality control testing.
  3. To monitor the materials used during construction as well as quality of output at various stages of construction phases as per the agreed specifications and designs.
  4. To carry out appropriate field and laboratory tests required for assuring the quality of work in the presence of Departmental Field Officers.
  5. To recommend measure for rectifying the defects observed during the inspection and timely completion of the project